Google Confirmed Android N v7.0 [Full Details]

      Android N Name 
Google Confirmed Android N Name: NOUGAT

Full Details About Google Confirmed Android N v7.0
Android N developer preview at around May 18 2016, and 
Final Version to be release in October or early November 2016
Google Released below new things of Android N :
👉Revamped notification shade/quick settings panel
👉Quick Settings Panel : Notification Shade
👉Google released screenshot of Android N Quick Settings Panel :

👉You can now see the really cool sliding animation as the compressed bar of toggles move down to the full QS. Like the notifications, & it’s full-width.

👉They Expanded WiFi and Bluetooth icons, which is properly visible in the version we’ve seen either.

👉New edit button They added, which indicating that Google is bringing the UI tuner options into the main quick settings.

👉Image courtesy : AndroidPolice

👉Android N Notifications Shade Screenshot : First Look

👉Android Police has launched the first screenshot of Android N notification shade with new mockup.

👉It was noticed that notifications are full-width, and the separation between items is less distinct.
👉Each item in the list also includes a line with the app that produced the notification.
👉Information is available in the current notification UI, but you have to long-press to see it.
👉Notifications also appear to be able to display some limited color text elements.
App icons are smaller and less obvious as well.
Image Courtesy: AndroidPolice

Multi-window mode : Google Coming with Multi-window mode for Android mobiles with this update. This feature has been confirmed by Reddit AMA

Better tablet support : They are making this version for more functional multi-tasking (and I’m not just talking about multi-window here), a real push for tablet-optimized apps (rather than just blown-up phone apps), customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps and tablet-specific System UI Tuner features.

Moving to OpenJDK from Java APIs : Google is officially be making the switch to OpenJDK in Android N. It’s still Oracle code, but OpenJDK is, as the name, suggests, part of the open-source Java Development Kit.

Google confirmed: “we plan to move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers to build apps and services.”

Stock stylus support : Samsung Confirmed this feature, they hinted at stock stylus support in Android N by planning to retire several of the main S Pen features from its Look API.

Google Confirmed Android N will not have App Drawer :

Google released Google Maps App update official video which as good as confirmation of Android N will not have App drawer.

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