How To Configure Network Type On your Android Device.

Smartphone owners usually run into internet configuration problems after a updating to a more recent version of Android. We received quite a few complaints from users who experienced just this, so we decided to write up a quick and easy tutorial that will hopefully fix the issue. The tricky thing, for beginner users at least, is that connection settings, though they exist, are sometimes well hidden.

Android Nougat is a prime example of when this issue arose, forcing you to reconfigure your carrier settings often, as they’d be set to ones that would use up more data unnecessarily. In fact, this is one of the most common problems encountered by Nougat users.
The settings are sometimes changed as if by magic, or they return to their default state from when you first unboxed your Android smartphone or installed a custom ROM.

How to configure 4G / 3G / 2G on your Android

This tutorial can be used for any carrier that provides 2G, 3G or 4G, though the exact steps may vary slightly by device. Simply go to Settings, then MoreMobile networks and finally Preferred network type. There you can choose between the three options.

androidpit internet settings 1
First head to Settings and choose More. / ©
androidpit internet settings 2
After, select Mobile network settings and Preferred network Type. / ©

Depending on your data plan, being on 4G may use your allotted amount quicker than when using 3G, which is usually fast enough for normal smartphone usage and in any case saves data considerably.

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