Download Latest Stark VPN V3.0 Apk With Etisalat ChatPack Settings

   After the release of the Stark VPN V2.8, with the Etisalat 0.00kb and the Glo 0.00kb settings for free browsing, here comes a better version 3.0 which comes along with Etisalat ChatPak Settings to surf the internet.
About Stark VPN V3.0 apk
The Stark VPN V3.0 as just being released, with an upgrade which comes with the Etisalat ChatPak Settings to Browse the internet for free. From the previous version 2.8, which was loaded with the Glo 0.00kb and Etisalat 0.00kb Free browsing settings, the Stark VPN version 3.0 as made them more stronger and reliable to use. 
Etisalat ChatPak Settings With Stark VPN v3.0 apk
The Stark VPN doesn’t require a special settings like other VPN applications such as Psiphon XP, ProVPN, Netify and other related VPN applications, as everything has been automatically put in place to ensure easy usage. 
(select Etisalat Chatpak just as shown in the screenshot below) 

Stark VPN v3.0 Settings For Etisalat Chatpak

  • Ensure you are on Easy Cliq Tariff Plan, (migrate using this USSD *244*1#)
  • Activate any of the etisalat chatpak plan, by dialing *200*3*3*1*2*1# for the weekly plan
  • Download the latest Stark VPN v3.0 apk HERE
  • Install and launch Stark VPN v3.0 apk
  • Click location and chose ” Auto select location “
  • You may now click on tweaks, and select your proffered tweak settings, in this case ( ChatPak )
  • Tap the Red button on your screen to connect your Stark VPN.  (it takes less than 20 secs to connect) 
  • If you keep getting response of “Server Full”, keep trying to connect till you are connected to the server. 

If you find it difficult to connect your Stark VPN, kindly leave a comment: we’ll be available to help.

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  1. Am connected but it's using my paid data instead of this free connected to. I also dial those codes (*244*1#) is invalid while (*200*3*3*1*2*1#) is complaining of insufficient balance. Please what do I do

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