How To Earn Over 20BTC From CryptoBitX 2×7 Matrix


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With only 0.001(1$) bitcion you can pave your way towards earning more than 20 bitcoin, within a short while, with no monthly or yearly subscription.

How To Make 20+ BTC From CrypoBitX

2×7 forced means you can only bring in two members to your level 1, once your member are completed then there will be a spillover: that is your level 2 member will also receive there own members when any one sign up through your link.

You bring in 2 = Level 1 completed with 2

Those 2 bring in their 2 = your Level 2 completed with 4

Those 4 bring in their 2 = your Level 3 completed with 8

Next levels need 16-32-64-128

Don’t be afraid of being being spamed because it a member to member funding and it direct to your wallet

1⃣0.001 x 2 = 0.002 BTC
2⃣0.0015 x 4 = .006 BTC
3⃣0.004 x 8 = .032 BTC
4⃣0.020 x 16 = 0.32 BTC 
5⃣0.20 x 32 = 6.4 BTC
6⃣1.00 x 64 = 64 BTC
7⃣8.00 x 128 =1024 BTC

To be a participant in this awesome and wonderful matrix, in which you earn over 1000 btc with just 0.001 btc (less than 2$), contact Odion to join their fast growing whatsapp group with lot of spill overs to make things easy for everyone and be a partaker of the bitcoin matrix earning scheme.

Contact Odion via whatsapp using the mobile number below.

📲WhatsApp us at 09039970782

This is a visitor’s post: submitted by Odion for publication. Submit yours HERE

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