How To Lock Android Apps With Password Or Pattern On Infinix And Other Android Devices With XManger


Locking your Android apps gives a total privacy to confidential documents. Locking Android apps on Infinix Hot 3 LTE, Hot 3 Pro, Hot 4 LTE and Hot 4 Pro, tends to be somehow hidden. If not very observant, you’ll find it difficult to lock your Android Applications with the Infinix inbuilt third application, but you’d rather choose to download other third party applications from Google Play Store.

The procedures to lock Android Applications on all device and Infinix Hot devices are clearly stated in this article. Follow the steps below know how to lock Android Apps on Infinix Hot mobiles (Mostly applicable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

 How To Lock Android App On Infinix Hot 3 LTE,  Hot 3 Pro, Infinix Hot 4 LTE and Hot 4 Pro Mobiles And Other Android Devices

Step 1==> Locate XManger on Your Menu

Step 2==> Launch and Click App Lock

Step 3==> Tap On

Step 4==> Choose to use either a Pattern or A Password (Involving Figures and Numbers)

Step 5==> Select the applications to lock

For users of other devices, XManger Can be gotten from Google Play Store, Or other third party App Store. 


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