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When Is Jumia Black Friday 2017 – Shop Online For Best Buy Deals On 2017 Black Friday, View Jumia Black Friday Sales & Ads In Nigeria, Kenya & Ghana.
Jumia as an e-commerce website is the biggest online store in Africa that was founded in 2012, the leading online store operates in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Morocco, Egypt & Angola, If we can look down to the sides of it’s major competitor then I’ll choose Konga Nigeria & Killmall.
In 2016, Jumia recorded over 295k in total black friday sales accounting to N7,000,000,000 sales in Nigeria, the website was loaded with over 2.5m visit and over 7 million page views on the Black Friday Night, It counterpart Konga recorded 3.5 Million Dollars total sales with 155,000 total orders.
If Jumia can surpass 2015 Black Friday sales to x2 of 2016 sales then we should expect 2017 to be great, We will make sure that this page is filled in with the best Deals on Jumia Black Friday 2017, Just subscribe via the email form below and expect great deals directly to your inbox.


Year  Date
Jumia Black Friday 2017 November 24 2017
Jumia Black Friday 2016 November 25 2016
Jumia Black Friday 2015 November 27 2015
Jumia Black Friday 2014 November 28 2014
Jumia Black Friday 2013 November 29 2013
Jumia Black Friday 2012 November 23 2012
Jumia Black Friday 2011 November 25 2011
Jumia Black Friday 2010 November 26 2010
Jumia Black Friday 2009 November 27 2009
Jumia Black Friday 2008 November 28 2008
Jumia Black Friday 2017 Promotion will be coming up on November 24 2017, Expect massive discount on Laptops, Mobile Phones, Fashion, Home Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Kid’s Toys, Sport & Fitness & Games On November 24 2017.


Jumia Black Friday Deals
Jumia Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off On All Deals
Jumia Tablets Deals Up-To 60% Off On  Flash Sales
Jumia PS4 Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off On Deals
Jumia Laptops Black Friday Deals 40% Off  guaranteed
Jumia PC Accessories Black Friday Deals 50% Off Across All Accessories
Jumia Camera’s Black Friday Deals About 50% Off On Camera Deals
Jumia Smart Phones Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off
Jumia Clothing Black Friday Deals Over 70% Off On Clothing
Jumia Television Black Friday Deals Over 60 % Off
Jumia Washing Machines Black Friday Deals 50% Off On Washing Machines
2017 Jumia black Friday Deals will be offered on Items ranging from Freezers & Refrigerators, Washing Machines, TV’s, Games, Cameras, Mobile Phones & Tablets, Laptops, Fashions, & Kid Toys, Over 40 Percent Discount Rates was experienced in 2016, We expect more of this in 2017, At least %50 – %60 Off is guaranteed.
If however, you are a business man or woman and you’d be loving to make more money out of Jumia Black Friday Sales (2017) , then let’s quickly lodge into a poky trick, Let’s assume you are based on selling woman shoes and clothes and you bought 1000 pair of shoes on the Black Friday Night, Let’s say the actual price of the shoe is N3,000 per pair and you can afford 100 pairs for N150,000 that’s an actual 50 Percent Off, OK when Black Friday Ends you re-sell the shoes at the normal price of N3,000 if i calculate this well then it’s 100 x N3,000 that’s N300,000,  the profit out there is voluminous, N150,000 In Just 24 Hours, You can see more of that if you can trade well on fast selling products, Big guns out there will understand.


If we start counting days then withing a blink of an eye the day will appear, To Win The Next Jumia Black Friday all you just need is fast internet connection, I’ll advise MTN & Etisalat then save some funds before 24th Of November, When carting out on Jumia you can choose Pay On Delivery.
Another thing you should take care of time, Don’t wait till Jumia Black Friday 2017 morning before you start shopping, You can take this as a vigil if Jumia could record 7,000,000 page views in 2016 then you should know you aren’t the only one competing for this, Wake up at 12am and start shopping for the best deals, Subscribe for BlackFridayDays.Com Newsletter and rece

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