Anonytun VPN Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat []


Download Anonytun pro and Beta apk with premium servers and unlimited Glo free browsing cheat, this is another english version of anonytun vpn crack.

This version comes with three physical servers, which you can select from, which is much more better in case the other ones are slow, you can switch to another server.

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Anonytun pro & beta comes with a black interface, for better user experience, toggle button for switching to premium server with ease.

Stealth Settings where you can configure the vpn just like the official version.

Button for connection and disconnection is also available on the vpn, you can use it to quickly connect Anonytun Pro vice versa.

The Up link indicator is by the right side of the vpn interface while the down link indicator is on the left.

This Glo Cheat 2017 via anonytun VPN is an update to former one which we have enjoyed and to enjoy it more or make it unlimited, you will need to do some settings both on your Android device and the VPN app as demonstrated below.

Anonytun VPN Pro & Beta Setting For Glo Free Browsing August 2017 With New Proxy Servers

Download Anontytun VPN Pro HERE

Download Anonytun VPN Beta HERE

To make this latest glo free browsing cheat settings work again here are what you would need to do;
Firstly, do the APN settings on your phone manually
>>APN Name: Glo AnonyTun
>>APN Proxy: gloflat or glodirect

Now open the anonytun VPN either anonytun beta v5.0 apk cracked version or anonytun vpn v2.1 this Glo unlimited browsing works on both versions. But I’m using cracked version of the VPN.

Tap on stealth settings and enable stealth tunnel
Change your connection protocol from TCP to HTTP
Click on the white box next to protocol drop-down, there you will find protocol tuning and set it as below;
– Get Bytes Min: 150000000
– Get bytes Max: 150000000
– Post Byte Min: 150000000
– Post Byte Max: 150000000
– Save the section
Connection port: 8080, 8081, 443,80
Turn off Connect through Parent Proxy 
Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

Again tap on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and setting it as:
Request Method: Post
Injection Method: Normal
Query Method: ticked User AgentForward Host and Keep-Alive
Click on generate and save the http headers.
that’s all.. then connect and start 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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